All creatures great and small

It has been a difficult few weeks and while I normally reserve this blog for all things communication today I feel compelled to write about something that is extremely important to my life.

Last week our beautiful house rabbit Digger (@Diggertherabbit on Twitter) had a health scare. He needed an operation and it took it out of him and he needed a lot of nursing. It didn’t matter what he needed I was prepared to do it including regular feeds through the night.

Today our amazing gerbil Dave left us after bravely dealing with an illness. He was a rescue case, like Digger, and he spent almost four years with us. Four years of wonderful memories that we will treasure forever.

Many who know me know that my animal pals are hugely important to me. They ask nothing but food, water and shelter to keep them warm. They repay this with love and affection from the largest dog or horse down to the smallest rodent. I struggled to understand people who are dismissive or even cruel to animals.

But it seems that many in our communities don’t value animals and are happy to exploit them. My Facebook timeline can be very depressing as the latest cruelty cases are shared. There seems to be groups of people who are animals as objects and not individuals with there own personalities. So what do we do?

To start with we have to make animal cruelty socially unacceptable and the penalties need to be high enough to be preventative. We need to ensure children understand the positive that animals can bring but only if we treat them right. We need to ensure people are responsibly acquiring animals and that they fully understand the implications of bringing an animal in not their family.

I am hugely blessed to have such amazing animals in my life. It comes with some heartache but it remains totally worth it. We must now spread that joy only animals can bring into our lives.

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