It was nine years ago today

Nine years ago on this day I was taking my first tentative steps into social media. I established my Twitter account @amandacomms and wondered what lay ahead.

It was a very different time in 2009. I had been a head of comms for about 12 months. I was in a challenging situation at work that tested my resilience to the max. I wasn’t sure where I was going or where I wanted to be. A trusted friend gave me the nudge to try out social media and particularly Twitter. He was the same person to suggest writing a blog.

It was one way that I could escape from some damaging and difficult days I was having. I took the advice and immersed myself in Twitter before summoning up the courage to start writing a blog.

There is a lot of discussion about the negative aspects of social media and how it can fuel psychological issues. However, when you are feeling down and have a sense of despair then feeling connected to people in a normal way can be the one thing that lifts your day. I made some good friends through social media. People I would never otherwise have met. They are still my friends today.

In the last nine years I have come through the challenges and am a strong more resilient person. I have almost a decade of fantastic memories and amazing family and friends around me.

It has had plenty of highs and a few lows. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I still enjoy connecting through social media and I quite like sitting and blogging. I have come through the nine years relatively unscathed.

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