A new dawn for campaigns

PR and communication people are always wrestling with how to evaluate and prove the worth of what they do. Campaigns are developed because they are creative, exciting or even fun. They are bright and shiny but are they making a difference?

The approach taken is to make it bold and eye-catching so that it is talked about. After all it is those glossy campaigns that win awards isn’t it?

We need a fundamental rethink about how we develop, design and implement PR campaigns. There has to be an end to people within businesses coming forward and saying can you ‘PR that’ for me. There has to be an end to the vanity initiatives that don’t help the business. There has to be an end to campaigns that are not rooted in insight, data and knowledge.

The road isn’t easy. Not only do we have to re-educate ourselves but we have to re-educate our bosses and those we work with.

All campaigns should start from data and insight and know what they want to achieve and why. It allows you to ensure the right tactics, the right message and the right approach is taken. It allows you to evaluate properly and know whether the work has been effective or not.

What is most important is that you reach the target audience and that it makes a difference. There is some interesting work that we have been involved in which will explain this further when we can discuss and share it. The focus of communication and PR campaigns has to be to benefit the business and show the operational impact. It may not be bright and shiny but if it does the job then it is worth its weight in gold to the business.

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