The future of PR

There seems to have been a lot of discussion of what the future of PR can and should be. Some of it is aspirational and some is hamstrung by the past.

Both the Chartered Institute for Public Relations and the Public Relations and Communication Association have given views about what this may be. It is helpful but at the heart of this is a key issue – we have to define the future ourselves. As PR and communication practitioners it is vital that we shape the next five or 10 years ahead.

This week the Government has announced a frontline policing review and central to it is going to be gathering the views of those doing the job on the streets every day. It is something we need to do for the future of the industry.

There are plenty of opportunities for people get their views known through the industry bodies but also by discussing issues among their peers.

But first we have to think beyond what we are faced with at work on a daily basis. We have to give ourselves space to consider the developments needed and what might challenge us in the years to come. We have to care about the profession.

I am a communication and PR geek. I love it. I love the creativity, the difference it can make, the human aspects and the opportunities it brings. This has to be one of the most enjoyable, challenging and interesting professions. We need to capture what it is and share it particularly with the young people considering their career choices.

We also have to move away from the images of PR that have formed over the years from Absolutely Fabulous and the likes of Max Clifford. It means casting an eye on how we portray ourselves to other PR people and to the wider public. Perhaps sometimes we conform to stereotypes and reinforce the past.

The future is unknown but what we do know is that we can and should be shaping what it looks like.

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