Taking a timeout

I have written many times about how difficult life can be and how we need to take care of ourselves to deal with it. Over the past few weeks and months I have felt like I have lost my way a bit. I have struggled to keep focused on things. I have been lacking patience. I have been extremely sensitive to issues that have arisen. At the heart of it I was functioning but in a disconnected way rather like I was watching myself go through the motions every day.

Why am I telling you this? Partly it is so that if you have had to deal with me and have been frustrated about things being last minute or that I have been slow to reply then you may forgive me. But also it is because many other people will feel the same way but may be afraid to openly discuss it.

My antidote was to head of to North Wales this weekend for a retreat. It may sound a bit wacky, religious or out there but it is very real and grounded. I spent the weekend with around 20 women who were strong and inspirational.

Everyone had gone there for different reasons but what united us was a desire to confront our issues, deal with them and move forward in a positive way. We did this individually and together. There is a huge amount of strength, love and support in 20 women coming together.

The retreat was in a beautiful house run by nuns who allowed us in to that spiritual and serene place. The weekend itself was run by Amy Lawrenson who I have known for a few years through her life coaching, reiki and workshops.

It may all sound like I am a bit of a hippy but it was a great opportunity to step off the treadmill of daily life. I could take some deep breaths and to gain some head space. I was able to see what had been in my mind causing me to lose focus, patience and clarity. We only get one life and as I have blogged before his isn’t a dress rehearsal. Don’t wait for tomorrow to tackle those issues do it now. Don’t hope everything will sort itself out, you have to make a positive change.

I have given myself time to unwind and have a bit of a digital detox (more of that in a later blog) and to refocus. The hard work really starts now when I face the pressures of life. But I can do this. I have the tools and techniques thanks to Amy. I have the mindset to make it happen and above all I have the support from close to home and from the amazing group of women I shared my weekend with.

This might not work for you but we all need to find ways to keep mentally fit, strong and healthy. Find your way or just give yourself some time out and you will feel the benefit.

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1 Response to Taking a timeout

  1. Maureen Dixon Berne says:

    So refreshing to hear Amanda. Sometimes you get on that treadmill lurching from one major crisis to another, juggling all the balls in the air without taking a breath. I walked away from work for a few months after years of relentless pressure (something I never thought I would ever do) and felt the better for it and am now ready to take on new challenges. Some people see it as weakness but the self realisation you need some headspace is an absolute strength and makes you better at what you do. Good luck.


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