Back to school

I recently marked two years being a Chartered PR practitioner and it is one of the major achievements in my professional career. I have been committed to my own development for many years. If you think about it if we don’t develop then I would still be faxing press releases out and waiting for the pager to beep.

There is a lot of training and support that is available for comms people to assist their development. You can do things from the comfort of your home or by attending formal sessions in a classroom.

You can tailor it to your own requirements and you can find a mentor to help you define areas for development. You can spend a lot of money or do it with just an investment of time.

With all that how can we decide not to get involved in professional development?

There is a lot of talk about PR as a profession and the need for us to demonstrate it to ensure a seat at the top table. Yet we so often just assume that we can achieve that without any effort or hard work.

Some believe that professional development should be provided during working hours. Businesses and organisations may be supportive but I don’t think many would see hours and hours of time being written off to training. Personal development plans are just that – personal. About you and driven by you.

It is only when we invest in ourselves that we can see PR becoming a recognised profession. One that is learning and constantly developing because those with it are learning and constantly developing.

It is time to look at the opportunities and your personal position and take action.

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