A world of opportunity

Communication must be different across the world after all we don’t even speak the same language. It is easy to think that the activity within our country is unique or even that what we do in our business is set apart from the vast majority of PR and communication. In short it isn’t any of these things.

I was very privileged to be given the opportunity of attending the World PR Forum which this year was held in Oslo, Norway. It was a far cry from the usual day-to-day activity that I am involved in. Amazingly there were representatives at the conference from 44 countries. Many had travelled a significant way to attend the event.

At the end of my short time in Oslo I had come to the conclusion that we are all wrestling with the same issues and challenges no matter where we live. From Manchester to Oslo, Australia to China there is more that should bring us together than put us apart. That is if only we could see it.

My short trip made me realise that there is lot to gain from discussing everything from evaluation to crisis communication. We are all looking at how to ensure PR and communication is a profession, that we can find the links between what we do and what impact it has, and to make the most of the new technological developments. The Forum had three things at the heart of it: truth, profit and intelligence.

For me truth is something we must all seek to deliver in what we do and we must be able to articulate what it means. Profit well that is about making sure we can evaluate and show what we provide to the bottom line of the business. Finally intelligence has to be about maximising the data and technology we have at our fingertips but also to link what we do to the purpose of the organisation. The elements were relevant to everyone no matter where they were from around the world.

There was so much to bring communicators together from around the globe. I made some new friends and had an amazing welcome at the conference. I had the opportunity to look up and out and see what the global discussion was, and it was reassuringly similar. I think we all need to look out and make connections to those working in other countries. We have a lot to learn and share if only we make the time.

I have to thank the World PR Forum organisers and the Norwegian Communication Association for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to attend the event.

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