No dress rehearsal

You might have spotted a new programme being promoted by Channel 4. In this latest lifestyle series people have the chance of leaving their life behind to go and do something more exciting. But why don’t we do this anyway?

I have had a week away from work which has been time to recharge my batteries, to relax and to spend some quality time with my animals. It made me realise again that this is no dress rehearsal and there is no waiting for the future as it is here.

How many times do you have something that you think you will keep for best? You wait to use it at some fictional point in the future. I have stopped doing this and instead have started to use things that I have.

I may really like my new T-shirt but if I wait for the right time to wear it then it may remain in my wardrobe for some time. I love the make up that I was given for my birthday but why keep it unopened?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. We can’t predict it we just have to live it. That means living today and getting the most from it whatever that is for you.

I realised this week that I have today and that is all I can be sure of. It means making sure I am living the life I want to, doing what makes me happy and making the most of what I have. I hope never to be the person who wants to go on that new TV show because I want to be making my own changes and living as I want to.

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1 Response to No dress rehearsal

  1. Natalie Lanyon says:

    Love this Amanda – as usual. As someone who’s experienced a lot of loss in the last couple of years (friends who’ve died unexpectedly in their 20s, 30s and 40s) then I couldn’t agree more. Tomorrow is a privilege not a certainty.


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