To do their best

For anyone who knows what I do they will appreciate that today has been another challenging and difficult day. Ten months ago I and my team faced the most horrendous day of our lives closely followed by what has been a continued test. Some days it just feels unreal and I still occasionally wait for things to return to normal. But this is the new normal.

What we faced is nowhere near the trauma that so many people have faced. My thoughts today, and on many days since the attack, have been with the families of those who lost their lives and all those affected. Their lives were changed forever that night and as the statement from Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said

“From the moment we received the first call on 22 May 2017 about that barbaric act our actions have always been focused on supporting them. In those first few minutes the priority was to save lives while being aware there may be a further attack.”

I don’t want to go into the detail of what happened but in everything we did we did our best. The communicators go unnoticed which is what we want. No-one should see what goes on in the communication office if it is really doing its job. But bosses, CEOs and those in charge have to see the work the communication team do and have to see the impact it brings.

This is not about the age old debate of seeing communication as having a place at the top table and being strategic. Instead it is about communication showing it spans from the operational frontline through to the management. We have to understand what staff have to do and we have to see the connection to the strategy. There is a lot riding on it.

When a crisis hits all the days, weeks and months of work are put to the test. There are always things that can be improved but if you have commitment, determination and want to do the right thing you will be on the right track. There is a whole other discussion that needs to take place about the impact on communicators of dealing with traumatic situations. We are professional and focus on the job in hand only to feel the pressure and impact at a later date. We are still facing this on an almost daily basis.

My heart will always be with those who have suffered and are continuing to suffer. Today I am reminded again about how proud I am to work for an organisation that can face such an unprecedented situation and do their best. And if you ask me about my team I will get emotional again as every single person wanted to help and did their best. We could ask no more.

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