47 notes on life

I seem to be hurtling towards my 50th birthday and am still surprised by the fact that in my head I am still mid-20s but that isn’t what I see in the mirror. Today I reached the grand old age of 47.

The journey from 46 to 47 has been a rollercoaster and I have learnt a lot in the past 12 months. I decided to write down 47 important messages that I know I need to remember. I hope you might agree with a few of them and maybe some of them will resonate with you.

1. Take time to be with your family as they are where you came from

2. Be kind to yourself as you are doing your best

3. Do what you love and you will always do your best

4. Treasure each day as it is a gift

5. Never leave with a cross word

6. Find ways to help others around you and you will get so much back

7. Things are not important but people and animals are

8. Share your love

9. Take time to just be with yourself

10. Be courageous and stand up for what you believe in

11. Remember that you are worthy

12. Take time to have fun

13. Remember to let your hair down once in a while

14. Say thank you many times each day

15. Leave a positive impression wherever you go

16. Make time to meditate

17. Working out your mind is as important if not more as working outs generally

18. Say I love you to the people that matter when you have the time to do that

19. Surround yourself with positivity including people

20. Only sweat the small stuff if it really matters to people

21. Stop and admire the scenery along the way

22. Be open to new experiences

23. Money doesn’t make you happy as happiness comes from within

24. If you want to do something don’t let anyone stand in your way

25. The setbacks and challenges have a purpose and are helping you grow

26. Be yourself and not what you think people want you to be

27. Keep a balance between work life and home life

28. Live for today as we don’t know what tomorrow will bring

29. Be the best you can be

30. Step out of the comfort zone regularly

31. A good nights sleep is important to your resilience and strength

32. Be respectful to other people’s beliefs

33. Meditate to clear your mind of the stress of modern life

34. Care for others

35. Do the right thing and act ethically

36. Challenge when you feel it is necessary and appropriate

37. Know your boundaries and be confident in stating them

38. Use all your senses to experience life

39. Hugs are good so don’t avoid them

40. Show you care

41. Never stop learning and developing

42. Be true to what you believe in

43. Remember people are the most important thing at work, home and during down time

44. Have a strong support network

45. Let the barriers down once in a while

46. Take help when it is offered you are not alone

47. Finally it is ok to not be ok – you can’t always be invincible

A huge thank you to everyone for their love and messages of support today which have made it a fantastic day. Now I will go boldly into the coming year.

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