The reason why

People go to work for all kinds of reasons and get many different things from the experience. All are equally valid whether it is to put food on the table or to help others it doesn’t matter. These things are always personal.

This weekend I was struck by social media posts by two different members of the team. I will name check them as it is well deserved – Hannah Daykin and Rosie Arnold. They were both reflecting on what they had done at work last week.

In short t was another busy and stretched week both for policing and for the comms team. Why do we do it when the pay and conditions could be better and the pressure seems to grow on a daily basis? Hannah and Rosie answered that with their experiences.

Hannah had helped share information about a gang that had been jailed and spent a cold and wet day at the weekend with the m dis interviewing an officer who had jumped in a river to rescue a man. Rosie had been with officers on early morning drug raids and had seen the dedication, commitment and professionalism.

On a separate occasion this week the team put out CCTV that lead to an array and charge and all because someone saw the media coverage. That is why we do what we do because it makes a difference.

I have written many times both in this blog and other places about how proud I am of the team and that I am honoured to be part of this team. I have also said that we may not have a lot of money or resources but we have a passion, commitment and determination.

I try and say thank you to the team as often as I can for the work they do often in challenging situations. I work with amazing people who do amazing things every day. So once again thank you to the team for all the work you do.

*If you would like to be part of the team we have a couple of vacancies at the moment, just check them out at

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