More that unites

I was nervous and apprehensive about attending my first PRCA Council meeting this week. It was stepping into the unknown which is always slightly stressful and uncomfortable.

The room would be full of people from all areas of the PR and communication business. There were people from agencies and in-house roles, those working for the private and public sector. People were independent practitioners, working in big business, assisting charities and had a whole host of responsibilities.

It would seem that we would find little common ground as we came from such diverse backgrounds, roles and experiences.

The world of PR and communication is broad and expansive. People are doing things now that could not have been thought of some years ago. We are in an era when everyone is connected, where more messages are shared every day and where broadcasting is something everyone can do.

Despite all these differences the Council meeting proved that we have more that unites us than we realise. At the heart we are all wrestling with similar problems and challenges. We are all looking for training, support and guidance. And all those at the meeting wanted to help shape the future of the profession.

Being a communicator can often be a very isolating role. We see a lot, know a lot and are told a lot. There often is little time to stop and look around, and to connect with other communicators.

I am honoured to be part of the PRCA Council and to have a chance to discuss the important issues affecting PR and communication with colleagues from across all parts of the profession. We have more that unites us than we think. It was a long trip back home but well worth it and there is more to come about this work.

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