The hidden Christmas

Everyone is rushing around. Just two days to go before the big day. Last minute presents are being bought and the dash to get sprouts is underway. For many Christmas will be a lovely time getting together with family and friends. For others that isn’t the case.

Many people will be facing Christmas on their own and others will be facing private battles. It isn’t a time of joy and happiness for many who will face Christmas without loved ones.

I don’t highlight this to bring the mood down but to make you take a moment to feel grateful for what you have. If possible perhaps you can spare a thought for others and if you see someone say hello. On Christmas Day you may be the only person that they see some make sure you leave some sparkle.

For those facing their challenges don’t think you have to conform to the TV advertising view of Christmas- you don’t. You can do things your way and find what is comfortable and makes you happy. Small steps to some are massive leaps forward for others.

Finally, my love is sent to anyone who is facing the first Christmas without a loved one. If you can take time to remember all the wonderful times you had and light a candle to keep them close to you. If you get upset that is fine. There is nothing wrong with shedding a tear or two but try to find the memories that make you smile and bring them to mind.

Christmas is a lovely time if you can celebrate it your own way and if you spare a thought, a kind word or some time with others.

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