Clocking on

It was very quiet on the roads today as I think a lot of people were starting their Christmas holidays. For those who were busy working and in the office it was a little frustrating.

On the one hand it was great to have the empty roads but it was easy to get the green eyed monster about those already putting their feet up. For many the Christmas break seems to get longer and longer.

I am now lucky enough not to be in the office until Wednesday which is lovely. But the team will be working and on call for the next four days. It made me stop and think about all those who will be working right through the festive season.

This has been my 18th year in policing and every year officers and staff keep working throughout Christmas and the New Year. I have been there myself many times including being in the office on Millennium night. It is often the emergency services and NHS that we think of working through but there are many more.

There will be those caring for animals who need to maintain the routine, many journalists will be on duty, and security staff will be in position.

So as you put your feet up spare a thought for those who will continue with their daily routine today, tomorrow and the days ahead.

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