A winter’s tale

Today is the winter solstice and for those who don’t know it marks the shortest day of the year. This is the day with the least light and after this the days start to lengthen.

For me it is always the time when I can start to think of the coming year and the opportunities ahead. I am not one for the whole new year thing as I find I spend more time focusing on the past year and difficulties rather than being positive about the future.

There is a lot to feel positive about with more light coming into our lives. After this week I have blogged about the light on Tuesday at Chanukah celebrations. Shining more light into our lives is hugely positive and helps with our wellbeing.

So what are the positives that I am looking towards as the days grow longer? I have some amazing opportunities to take advantage of including being Vice-Chair of the PRCA Council, being a Chartered assessor for the CIPR, and writing as part of the CIPR anniversary book. There are many other great things that are being finalised that I can’t yet talk about.

I have beautiful animals around me and I will get the time to spend with them as well as share reiki with other animals in need. In the days to come I hope I can continue to get close to little rescue rabbit Digger.

There are inevitably going to be some difficult times but it is how we meet them that is important. My aim is to see the good from all situations whether it is learning or seeing the bigger picture. Out of this darkness comes light.

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