Spreading some light

I had the privilege of attending my first ever Chanukah celebration today. It made me try to dig up the long forgotten elements of my religious education. I always enjoyed RE lessons that involved either learning about other religions or considering ethical dilemmas from a religious perspective. It is why I did O-level RE and went on to complete a degree in Philosophy.

I don’t feel attached to any religion although I am quite a spiritual person.

The celebration was interesting and I was delighted to be able to be part of it. One part really caught my attention and made me very emotional. At the conclusion of the celebration when the lights had been lit one of the Rabbis spoke. He called on everyone to be a shining light in 2018 and to remove the darkness.

I won’t do them justice by trying to recount them but the words were so poignant after such a difficult year. What can we all do to make the world a better place? In 2018 we have a chance to spread some good and love wherever we go. It just needs a little bit of thought and effort.

About three years ago I applied to become a raktivist, someone who does random acts of kindness to spread that light. When I started I would leave little positive notes of love and encouragement anonymously for people to find in public places. I seem to have lost my way slightly and haven’t done as many random acts this year as I would like.

I am going to take the words of the Rabbi today and make sure that I spread some light during 2018.

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