Just being and being different

Why do they do that? How can they behave in that way? That isn’t acceptable. We have a lot to say about how you other people behave and what they do.

It is easy for us to sit in judgement of how other people act and of the decisions they make. Today there have been a number of conversations I had where tolerance was at the heart of things.

If we were all a bit more tolerant of others around us then the world would be a much happier place. We would let some little irritations go and instead spend time focusing on the good things. It would breed a more positive outlook on life.

People are unique and that is what makes life interesting. We are all different and yet we also share so many things. If we can start to see the glorious diversity in the world around us and to see it as something to celebrate then it would be a huge step forward.

It is easy to see ourselves and our outlook on life as the only way to behave. Our views are always right and that is what blocks our path to tolerance. We are all different and all interesting if we can just be more tolerant of each other.

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