The past presents

Like many offices we had our Secret Santa today. The idea being you buy a present with a fixed budget for a member of the team and they don’t know who it is from. It is a long held tradition and there were many happy faces.

It made me think about why we buy and exchange presents. All too often people are bothered about the size or the amount of money that is spent. They lose sight of what really matters.

Buying or making a gift is a demonstration of how much you think of, it care for that person. It is a physical manifestation of the love for them. They have taken time to think about you, consider what you may like to receive and then have made it happen. In our busy world it takes a lot of effort.

But think back to the presents that stick in your mind from Christmas’s past. They are always the ones where someone has really taken some effort to think about you. I remember a Christmas past when my other half went out to find me the crystals that I wanted even though he knows nothing about it. I remember my parents getting me a place on a vegan baking course. There are so many lovely presents that have touched me over the years.

Today my secret Santa brought me the beautiful rabbit sign which brought a tear to my eye. It was so thoughtful and unique.

There are many occasions we have where we can show that we have thought about others. It is a demonstration of kindness and is what makes us human. Let us all use this festive season to think about others close to us and far away.

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