My Christmas tips

I am totally fed up of hearing about various minor celebrities, vloggers and reality TV people talking about how to have the perfect Christmas. I have blogged a couple of years ago about the fact we need to be wanting a good Christmas but stop stressing about everything being perfect because life isn’t perfect.

As an antidote to all the consumerism and fake sentimentality I have decided to give you my Christmas tips based on trying to have an OK Christmas.

  1. Christmas is a state of mind so it doesn’t matter if you are working on the 25th December you can make any day your Christmas Day with family and friends:
  2. Don’t put your decorations up until about 10 to 14 days before Christmas. It means you can enjoy them, avoid massive electricity bills and everything will feel fresh for the big day.
  3. Make memories and give experiences rather than things. It takes a bit more thought but the impact will be so much more. It is about the thought that has gone into the present rather than how much you have spent.
  4. Think of others. The spirit of the season is good will and charity so remember those who will still be in need of help over Christmas. Donate to a food bank or toy appeal or help a local charity. It will make you feel good and help others in the true spirit of Christmas.
  5. Recognise other celebrations. Today is the start of Chanukah and there are many other religious festivals at this time of year that we should be aware of so we can help others celebrate.
  6. Eat simply. Buy what you need and not what you are being sold. Keep things simple so that you don’t face days of indigestion.
  7. Remember some people and animals need to keep their routine to be happy. Keep their needs in mind when you are trying to organise your day. And be aware that for some people this is a difficult time of year that puts them under mental and emotional strain.
  8. Finally remember those who will be working or on call Christmas Day. My colleagues in the emergency services will still be there to help as will nurses, doctors, utility workers, those taking care of animals and many others. I have been there myself and it can sometimes feel really hard.

Christmas can be a lovely time if we keep the spirit of it in our hearts and don’t let the commercialism take us over.

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