Fantastic but emotional

It is often said that music is the food of love or that it can bring people together. If this year has taught us anything it is that music can help the healing process.

Tonight was the annual Force carol concert which is always a time of celebration. It usually involves some singing of carols, some choirs and musical arrangements. I see it as the start to my Christmas having been at 15 of them. This year’s was slightly different and more poignant.

The event was held at Manchester Cathedral just a few short strides from the Arena. It was a time of reflection and remembering.

This year we were entertained by he Manchester String Quartet and a stirring rendition of Don’t Look Back in Anger as well as the amazing Parrs Wood Choir who were seen at the One Love concert. The GMP band in their 140th year demonstrated the skills that entertain across Greater Manchester and help raise thousands of pounds for charity.

It was a fantastic evening but at times very emotional.

Having walked around the Christmas markets before attending it reminded me once again why I love Manchester. It is an amazing city. People have always got time to stop and chat, they are there to help or just to give you a friendly smile. It is why I stopped to help a tourist trying to find a hotel as I was heading home. We needed to help and be the friendly face of Manchester.

It was a privilege to be in the audience tonight and after 16 years and 15 concerts (I have only missed one) it continues to show how music can unite and bring people together.

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