The real thing

I don’t want to comment on the death of Max Clifford as I know there will be family and friends grieving their loss. One thing we do need to talk about is the reputation of the PR and communication business.

For years we have let the profession be defined by the characters in Absolutely Fabulous or the celebrity publicists. We have failed to speak up and talk about the real work that takes place day in and day out.

We have to provide the alternative view if we are to banish those champagne swilling lovey darling images. There is nothing further from the truth of my life and many others.

I will be in the office by 7am tomorrow picking up any issues from over the weekend. I will be looking at how we can help victims and tackle crime. I will be finding ways to develop engagement with local people. I will be responding to any emergencies and will be doing it all with a cup of tea.

Along with colleagues I will be working over Christmas and New Year. There will be little glamour and no celebrities.

This is the real view of communication and PR in 2017. It is what I have known for more than 20 years. This is the reality we need to share to banish any previous views. As I have said before it is time to PR PR.

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