Rush, rush and spend more

This is supposed to be the season of goodwill to all. As I have been out and about over the last few days this seems to be in short supply.

Our main focus at this time of year seems to be rushing to the shops, buying everything we see and think we need and filling every cupboard with food. The supermarkets are full of people and there are queues to get into retail park car parks.

People are stressed, very stressed. They can’t get a parking space, they can’t find that toy that their child has demanded, and they haven’t got enough time or money.

Over the past couple of weekends I have avoided all the town centres, shops and retail parks. I have witnessed people shouting and arguing, barging and being rude to everyone in the shops. There certainly doesn’t seem to be much goodwill around.

I am not a religious person more spiritual. This time of year is a reminder about the importance of kindness and helping others. It is a time of giving thanks and taking stock. It doesn’t matter what your religion those are always important things sitting alongside helping others.

It is time to remember those important things and stop rushing around in the grip of a consumer frenzy.

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