Time to think

I have had a week off work. Well it was supposed to be a holiday and time to relax but I had other ideas. I had lots of chores to do and things to catch up on. So many chores that as I write this on Friday night there are still many more to do.

As many who know me will agree I am not a pretty sight after a night out. I don’t drink but I have found a way to get a lack of sleep hangover that means I don’t miss out on that joy. This week I had managed to book tickets for bands on consecutive nights, not the brightest idea. But I had a great time both nights and have some amazing memories.

Despite the fact it was a holiday I still managed to keep connected and on a number of occasions switched into work mode. This is partly because there is a big conference next week and partly because I think I am a little obsessed.

Yesterday was a key day for me and despite feeling drained it has given me the kick up the rear end I needed. I saw my life coach, which isn’t at all like you imagine from the awful people who have been on TV. This has been a way to identify the issue I have and find a way forward. It is coaching that helps me with my life – simple as that.

It has helped me hugely over the past three years and yesterday felt like a watershed moment. I have been rebuilding my resilience and trying to focus on my own wellbeing but it is not good enough. I have dealt with surface issues and gone no deeper. Going deeper is challenging and makes me feel vulnerable.

But I came away with a lift of homework and a plan to start to make significant improvements. Part of which will be not to pack me week off with so many things. I need to have time to think and to breathe. I can only give my best to those around me if I have looked after myself. This has been a great week but now I need to start to look after myself a little bit more.

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