Reports, reconnecting and a thank you card 

I feel in a reflective mood after a busy week with plenty of ups and downs. There have been long days and a distinct lack of sleep. It started on Monday with work related frustrations that drained my energy and added to the to do list. 

I picked myself up and had a much better day on Tuesday partly because of a lovely catch up with my new friend Una but also because the HMIC report praised the efforts of the comms team in raising awareness of modern slavery. It was a major first for police communicators to be recognised in the operationally focused inspections. I was hugely proud of the team.

The next day the praise featured in a PR Week story which brought a smile to my face. It was a great way to reach the middle of the week. But at the same time my to do list was growing and growing.

My Thursday morning started with an early morning appointment with the vet to check on my beautiful horse. He has been living with arthritis for almost five years and the regular visits help to keep him mobile and active. I am always really nervous to learn whether his condition has deteriorated. But this visit was positive as he is doing really well and the vet was really pleased with him. It was a relief and a highlight of the week on a personal level.

My final day at work had a little ray of sunshine when I met an old friend. It was a blast from the past as we had worked together around 17 years ago. So much time has past but it only felt like yesterday that I had worked with him as a press officer on many murder investigations. 

Today was also a sad day as we said goodbye to one of the team who is leaving for policing pastures new. She has been a great member of the team and we will really miss her. Thank you Aimee for all you have done during a really challenging year. I was really touched that she gave me a thank you card and a bottle of Prosecco. 

There is so much more that happened and I can’t talk about at the moment. I am now going to have some time for myself and my lovely animal companions and hopefully recharge my batteries ready for next week.

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