The snail’s tale

On my journey to work in the early hours of this morning I saw a little snail making his way across the pavement. He was making slow progress but was determined to get to his destination. It was all happening out of sight of most people if they didn’t look down.

It was a helpful sight that made me think about my own daily struggle. When times get hard do I keep the end goal in view despite things trying to derail me? Have I got the determination to succeed at all costs? Am I happy to do all this work out of public view and behind closed doors?

When I feel I have reached my limit and I  am treading the same ground it is difficult to keep focused. It is much easier to veer off and try to take a different path particularly if it looks quicker. But then can just add time onto my journey and lead to further delays. 

At the heart of my issues, and that of the snail is resilience. The more resilient I am the more able I am to cope with delays, problems and the challenges ahead. My capacity for dealing with uncertainty and barriers needs to expand to help for the future. The key is about spending some time to build on your resilience rather than get distracted.

I admire the determination of that little snail and I hope he reached his destination. He will never know that he helped me this morning and made me keep focused on what I need to achieve.

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1 Response to The snail’s tale

  1. So very observant….. 🙂 love it


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