Would you?

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of recognising the contribution of the communication team not just during a crisis but all the time. It is often overlooked by those at senior levels and that is why we need to explain what we do and how it supports the business.

Today I could not be prouder of the amazing team I work in as their contribution was highlighted in a national report. The report by what used to be known as Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) was looking at how forces addressed the problem of modern slavery and human trafficking. The lengthy report detailed some great operational work by GMP and I was delighted to see the communication work identified as good practice.

The emergency services can be a tough place to work. You face some disturbing circumstances and tragic incidents. The PR activity is focused on problematic issues such as child sexual exploitation or domestic abuse. Communication staff come face-to-face with victims and their families and sometimes with offenders.

When the Would You campaign started in 2015 it was a step into the unknown. The aim was to get people thinking about the issue of modern slavery and to recognise it existed in communities. This was then followed with information about spotting the signs and encouraging people to come forward and report concerns. There was a mix of traditional PR and media handling alongside using digital and social media.

The report praised the team for the extensive internal and external communication plan and the broad range of activities. It was more than a page of positive feedback on the work which is almost unheard of. 

For a second day I am so proud of the team and everything they are achieving despite the unbelievable pressure that they face. In developing the modern slavery campaign they have demonstrated once again how they support operational policing.

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