Recognising the contribution 

As communicators we talk about the need for our work to be recognised within an organisation. We want people to realise what we bring to the business. We are itching to get a spot at the top table.

Our problem is often that we are so busy doing the work that we don’t spend any time explaining our support to the business. It does little to build our credibility and gain that place at the top table.

Today is a day that I am really proud. The organisation has once again demonstrated the recognition it gives to the work of  communications. The events this year have highlighted the contribution the team make. A reception for emergency services workers at Downing Street took place today to recognise them for the response to the crises this year. Alongside the officers was a representative of the communication team which is huge recognition of the contribution made.

It is not the first time this has happened and it makes me proud to work for an organisation that does recognise the role that communicators play. Seeing photographs from today has made me feel very emotional as well as proud.

There is a lot we can do to explain our role, contribution and what we do. We can’t just expect people to automatically know all this information. With this knowledge will come confidence and then ultimately a space at the top table. 

There is still a lot the profession can do to help this situation but for now I am just bursting with pride that after all the team have been through they have received such amazing recognition.

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