Disconnect and unwind

Well some days are just sent to test you. We all have those times when things become overwhelming or we just feel at breaking point. It is increasingly a fact of this modern digital life that we struggle to disconnect and unwind.

Why should we be worried about this? It may seem obvious but the more we take on and that fills our lives the more pressure we face. It is vital to have some breathing space so that you can keep clarity on things. Without it our decision making can become poor, we are less productive and ultimately we can face burnout.

I am the worst person for this. I keep going and going taking on more and more until I have pushed myself to the edge. Before I reach the limit I have to recognise the warning signs and act quickly. I am getting a bit better with this but it is a work in progress.

Putting the mobile down is a starting point and then switching off. After all I know if something urgent arises I can easily be mobilised and quickly. My focus should be on those things that help me relax which is mainly my furry friends. It is hard to stay tense and pressured around animals. It helps to put some perspective back on things.

I have said a few times that making time for what makes you smile has to be one of the ways to recover. We can lose sight of what this is and forget to do it.

I wonder whether we all need to have a plan to use when we reach breaking point? We should have a series of actions and activities that we fall back on when we are under pressure. Life is hard at times so we need to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.

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