Farewell Crimewatch 

I feel I have to use today’s blog to consider the demise of the BBC’s Crimewatch programme. After many years it has disappeared from our television screens which is probably a lot to do with the changes in society. But it leaves behind a very positive legacy.

Many years ago when I first moved into police communication I had my first experience of Crimewatch. As far as I remember it was developing a reconstruction for a rape that needed people to come forward with information. The team worked closely with the investigation team and the attention to detail was reassuring to a young press officer. 

Many years on we were still putting cases forward whether it was wanted people or serious crime investigations. But the media landscape had changed substantially over the years and the way people watch TV is something we could never have imagined all those years ago.

When Crimewatch started appeals were just issued to the media and it took some years before they would be shared on the Internet. Now we share appeals through social media and we can target it at those we really need to reach. We still work with the local media but much more information is shared online.

I wonder what place Crimewatch could have in an era of very targeted local information?

There will be a lot we will miss about having this channel to share details of investigations, particularly the high profile cases that need national coverage. They did manage to support some very serious and critical cases that reached a successful conclusion. So, thank you Crimewatch and all the people who have worked so hard on it over the years. 

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