Take a little time 

As anyone who knows me will agree I am not the most patient person. We live in an era of speed where we want things quickly and we want them now. I can get really frustrated at home and work when I want to sort something immediately only to find out I have to wait.

Yesterday we welcomed a new addition to our family, a little bunny called Digger. He has had a difficult year and at four-years-old hasn’t had the most settled start to his life. When his photo appeared on Facebook with an appeal to find his forever home I felt a connection. Older animals always find it more difficult to find homes which is a shame.

We have only known him a few hours and this is going to be a long process to build his trust. At the heart of it is patience and letting him have control. It will be a huge test for me as this is one of those things that can’t be rushed. 

I was delighted when he felt confident enough this morning to have a bounce around exploring his new home. Small steps will get us where we want to be if I just have patience.

Life teaches us lessons along the way. We need to be alert and recognise what faces us and how we can learn and grow from it. I have written in this blog before about how my little bunny Coco who I lost some months ago taught me so much. I know that our new companion Digger will teach us a lot and I am open to that and the challenges ahead. I will take my time and enjoy what comes.

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