25 years in the making

This has been a really busy week for me and I have enjoyed it mainly because of the chance to share experiences and learning. I sometimes forget that I have been working in communication roles for almost a quarter of a century so might have gathered some knowledge along the way.

My week started with a trip down south and a speaking opportunity at the national police press officers course. It was an early morning start so I made the long trip the night before and had the chance to catch up with some colleagues I have known for many years. Unfortunately for me a few are moving on shortly but I will ensure I keep in touch with them.

I gave my overview of social media and its development over the years to the bright and eager faces. And I am not sure how I feel about someone saying I had been around for a long time. But I suppose I have.

At the end of the week I had to go back to one of my previous jobs and help out our very short staffed press office. It felt like only yesterday that I was doing that role myself and looking forward to what the future would hold. I was quite pleased that I could still make a good attempt at doing the job.

Yesterday, as you may have seen on the blog I did, I was shadowing the latest chartered assessment day. It was great to hear the discussions taking place and to be focused on my own development. This is why I want to become an assessor, as part of the commitment to my own development. It was a good opportunity to meet some new people and talk about all things comms. We could share experiences and hopefully help each other out with new things to consider.

Next year marks my 25 years since I joined the world of work, first as a journalist and then moving into PR. It has been great fun and is still one of the best jobs out there. I have learnt a lot and I never want to stop sharing experiences and building my knowledge. 

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