Time to open up 

Today is World Mental Health Day and hopefully a chance to talk about this important subject. It is easy to say ‘I am fine’ and keep ploughing ahead with the pressures of modern life. At some point the pressure will get too much and how will we cope?

I have often thought it could never happen to me. I am quite a robust person who can take a lot and keep bouncing back. When I have seen people struggling I felt sympathy but part of me could not understand how they got into such a position. All this had changed as I have got older and experienced more situations.

This year has tested my resilience on many levels and I have been quite open about my experiences. After 18 years in policing it has been the first time I have been to occupational health. They provided some amazing support to help me cope. All the other work I have been doing over the years came back to help as well. Three years of working on myself and using the support of a wonderful life coach all helped me through.

As with most pressurised times in my life it was the family and friends around me who also helped me through. I cannot thank those who helped enough for what they did. If only everyone had that sort of support network available things may be better.

I have seen many people struggle with their mental well-being over the years. I have lost some good friends and family to the battle with mental health. People have their own personal battles to face but the one thing we can do is to talk openly about it. I hope that World Mental Health Day may mean some people open up and seek help and that we all feel more able to talk about the issue.

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