Flying high

Well that was another weekend gone too soon. I always seem to give myself so much to do that I will inevitably fall short. This leads to frustration and exhaustion as I push myself to the limit. Is it really a bad thing to set your sights too high?

On one hand I have a sense of determination and am single minded about what I need to achieve. My weekends are productive and things progress although it may be slowly at times. I like to have projects underway with goals in mind. 
There are many drawbacks to my drive to achieve including that I struggle to unwind and do nothing. I can feel very disappointed and downhearted when I don’t manage to do what I planned. I can put myself under unnecessary pressure.

But I don’t think I can change how I am. Many, many years ago when I was at primary school I was quite a lazy child. I would do as little as possible and just enough to get by. My parents fearing that it would be a pattern for the rest of my life did a lot to encourage me to aim high and to work hard. So that was the start of a future mindset.

Another weekend done and a busy week ahead but while I didn’t complete everything I wanted to do I still did a lot. My sights are set high and I will be unfaltering in my attempts to reach for the stars. Exhausting though, isn’t it?

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