Four legged friends

I am sitting at home tonight and I am exhausted. It comes from spending the day looking after a friends horse as well as my own. My whole day has been taken up going from one to the other but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you read my blog regularly you will know how important animals are in my life. They are the way I relax after a tough week. They are how I can lower my blood pressure. They ask for little but give so much.

I have never really understood people who don’t have animals in their lives. As a young child my first pet was a beautiful guinea pig who taught me a lot about being responsible. We also had dogs and they were all such a big part of our family. When I went away to study I had my first animal companions that I had sole responsibility for. My first little gerbils would regularly travel from Sheffield to home with me.

Now I have had a lot of experience of animals in my life from a horse to gerbils, rats, degus, a rabbit and even a bushy-tailed jird. All have taught me so much and have been family members.

My animal companions are never rude, never answer me back, never threaten me, never attack or bully me. They are real friends giving love in return for just a little care and attention. 

I am exhausted from the responsibility of two horses today and I face another busy day before I can pass the horse back to the rightful owners. But while my joints ache my heart is singing.

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