A little thank you 

I have spent tonight at our annual force award event recognising amazing work. It is always an honour to hear the details about all the work that goes on day in and day out. This year more than ever I am proud to be working for this organisation and with some unbelievably passionate and dedicated people.

There was a lot for me to be proud of tonight. Not just that my amazing colleagues actually organise the event but I also had staff who were nominated for an award. It isn’t just about the bravery but also the caring, the service and the dedication to the work. 

All organisations are only as good as the people they employ and recognising great work and when they go above and beyond is important. Unfortunately it is often something that gets overlooked and yet looking after staff should be the top of our list of priorities.

As I listened to all the stories of the work that people do it brought a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat. At the end of the night was the bravery award and all the nominees were worthy of recognition.

This year we have seen many occasions when the emergency services have run towards danger when everyone else is running away. It has been a reminder to us all of what some people will do to protect and save others. Views of the police can vary but after 18 years I can honestly say I have had the honour of working with a many fantastic people. People who put themselves in danger to save others. People who will keep going until the job is done. People who worked relentlessly and continue to do all they can after the Manchester Arena attack.

Perhaps we ought to say thank you more often to those people who improve our lives, who work hard and who strive to improve. So to everyone I work with who does all those things then I can only say thank you.

*A special thank you to the volunteers of the GMP Band who were recognised for their fundraising and for celebrating their 140th anniversary.

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