Back to normal

I came to a sudden realisation about things today. In a conversation with a contact who was discussing media handling and training and a whole host of issues it became clear. Coming to the conclusion I have has started to help me feel a bit more at ease with where I am.

You may wonder what it is all about. There is now more than four months since the terrible events on 22 May this year. I have written many times about that night and the days that followed. There has been so much learning to take away and we are continuing to try and share this with fellow communicators. One of the things that I have written about in previous blogs is the importance of preparing for the months after a crisis hits. We spend so much time planning for the crisis that we fail to consider what will take place as we move to recovery phase.

For some time I have been waiting for a return to normality or a return to what things were like before that day in May. As the weeks have gone on ‘normality’ seems a long way away and I have wondered whether we would ever get there. So the realisation today may come as no surprise to other people but it was to me. I have realised that there will be no return to how things were before 22 May what will come in the weeks ahead is a new future. We will move on in a different way and into a new place.

This is quite comforting and I can stop waiting for the recovery to take us back to normality. The future will be different and I will need to just work with it. For a great many people the events of that night have changed everything and I am like many people and still think about the victims and their families on an almost daily basis.

Some events in our lives are so significant that they leave a lasting impact. The key is for us to take something positive from where we are as we move forward. But we have to stop waiting for everything to go back to the way it was and accept that it won’t happen.

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