Find the happiness

It was terrible watching the tragic events that unfolded in Las Vegas yesterday. My heart went out to the many, many people who were killed and injured, to their families and friends and to everyone affected.

This year has been a tough one with terrorist incidents and natural disasters claiming many lives. It has all reminded me that life is very fragile and we never know what is round the corner.

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of work and home and the pressures we face. We get annoyed when there isn’t a parking space, we drop that cup of tea and our day feels spoilt or the phone battery goes and we are angry. All these things and more can negatively impact on us and they feel much bigger than they are. After all we can find somewhere else to park, that tea spillage can be cleaned up and the phone charger is in my bag.

In focusing on all those problems we can easily miss the joy there is around us. We can stop feeling the thrill of being alive seeing amazing sunsets, smelling the flowers and feeling the love that exists. 

I am currently testing a gratitude app that has been developed. I was given the opportunity because I link to the Action For Happiness group. It encourages people to note what they are grateful for in each day and to rate their mood. I am in the early days of testing but I like the idea. 

The app arrived at the right time as I am working hard to raise my mood and feel positive about the future. There are some horrific events around the world that show the fragility of life. We need to take stock, recognise what matters and what is important, and seize the day before us.

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