Is this the right time?

I should have posted this yesterday. The time got away from me and I wasn’t able to post it. Does it matter? I will leave you to decide. But one of the key elements of communication is that it is timely.

When a major incident happens we have to respond immediately. Everyone is expecting messages to be sent straight away. They have questions that need answers – what has happened? Where should they go to be safe? How can they help? How do they trace loved ones? We have the channels available now that mean we can act quickly and keep a flow of information going.

All PR and communication needs to be timely. It isn’t just an issue in an emergency but every minute of every day. We need to share information at the right time and that is obvious in the business world.

Events at the weekend in America were shocking and horrific. The choice of words and the response time were critical. People wanted those in charge to speak but when Donald Trump spoke his words were not accepted by commentators and many Americans. Did he respond quickly to get the situation under control? No he waited until yesterday to say what people had been waiting to hear.

The damage caused by the delay will only become obvious in the days to come but it has reminded me of the importance of a swift and thorough communication response. In this busy world where we are all rushing around and are connected 24/7 there is no option to delay. 

All communicators need to ensure they are supporting their organisation, business or brand round-the-clock. CEOs and leaders need to realise they have to be swift in their response and listen to the communication support. Time is not on our side and assessing quickly and then responding is an essential skill.

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