Stepping forward

If recent events have taught us anything it is that we need experts in communication roles. For years we have been asking the question why isn’t communication given a seat at the top table and how can PR and communication be seen as a profession. Now the stakes for businesses and organisations are even higher with a lot to lose.

I have watched with interest the events in the White House. I raised my eyebrows at the appointment of someone with no knowledge or experience to Director of Communications. Within days or almost hours he had caused embarrassment by his actions that at the least were naive. 
I read the comments from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) following the recent Times article about the tragic case of Charlie Gard. This was a hugely promising step to see the industry speaking out about the importance of ethics and standards. We don’t do enough to challenge some of the behaviour that is seen at senior levels in organisations.

The Public Relations and Communications Association ( PRCA) has raised similar issues about the importance of ethics and standards within the industry. In these difficult times communication can help us through. But if we don’t stand up and show the openness and transparency of what we do then we risk becoming part of the problem.

This is an industry that I love and am very passionate about it. It is much maligned but now is our time to step forward. This is a profession, it requires skills and knowledge but above all done right it can improve our lives. 

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