Am I dreaming?

I have written many times about my love of the communication and PR industry. It is a creative business that at its best can help people and improve lives. After reaching the milestone of more than 20 years I still have so much to learn. This is why the news this week was such a surprise.

I thought Fellowships in any profession are usually given to people coming to the end of their careers. It is a way to recognise many years of contribution to whatever the industry is. But I feel I have so much more to do and I hope to continue to work for many years to come.

I am very honoured that the PRCA have decided to make me a Fellow although I am still surprised. I keep double checking the email so I know I haven’t been dreaming. 

The thing I keep worrying about now is what I am expected to do and also what I should do to use the honour I have been given to benefit the communication industry? I know it is early days but I feel sure I can find a way to encourage people to consider a career in this business. I already do talks where I can at local careers days and fairs but want to do more.

I also want to do more to champion the work of public sector communicators within the industry. It has often been ignored or overlooked as it isnt seen as sexy or interesting. There isn’t an opportunity to gain bonuses or increase your salary because of your work but as you will know if you follow this blog the rewards come in other ways.

The most important thing though is that I need to thank those people who have helped me throughout my life and continue to support me. My primary school teacher who encouraged me to think about a job with writing, my former boss who mentored me and still provides support (thanks Sue Fox), my current boss who has encouraged me to take on new challenges, and the many good friends who are always there when I need a helping hand. Most of all I owe so much to my mum and dad who have supported, encouraged and cajoled me and made me realise I can make my dreams a reality. I feel their love every day. And words can’t express how grateful I am to my long suffering partner who deals with a lot so I can keep doing the job I love.

The fellowship is an amazing thing and it marks a key moment in my career but I know there is so much more to come. I hope it continues to be as good but I know it will only be possible with the help and support of others.

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4 Responses to Am I dreaming?

  1. suztara says:

    well done that’s a great achievement! 🙂


  2. Vince S says:

    Many congratulations Amanda. We all think you’re a star, even if you haven’t quite realised it yourself. Your refreshing modesty remains among your many awesome qualities!


  3. Prudence coleman says:

    A mum and dad who are so proud of you for your hardwork to have achieved this honour.


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