Watching the clock

I have done a lot of travelling this week which means thinking time mainly on one of many long train journeys. It has been an opportunity to reflect on a few things including where I am in life. I am not going to get all philosophical about things that is for another time. 

After a challenging six weeks I have lost count of the times I have talked about how amazing my colleagues are and how we have all needed to pull together to do our best as a whole team. They are a simply awesome team and I am honoured to be working alongside them.

On a few occasions recently I have been asked why I am still involved in police communications after 18 years, why I have remained at the same organisation for 16 years and why in the same role for nine years. Does it mean I have lost my edge or am less ambitious? Does it mean I am stagnating?

The answer is simple: I am still in this role because I love my job. It has enough variety, challenge and ongoing change to make every day different. I have a chance to make a real difference to people’s lives if I am doing the best I can and am effectively leading the team. I have been able to develop a level of expertise that is vital for communication. I still am nowhere near feeling stagnant as the world around me evolves and there a new challenges every day.

On a personal level I still want to conquer the world in the same way I did almost 30 years ago. My drive and commitment to improving communication and supporting the next generation to come through into the profession is if anything stronger. My ambition to be the best I can be has never gone away.  It is an inner drive that doesn’t come from wanting more money or having an impressive job title but to continuing my professional development. 

I see the world as a whole range of opportunities to get involved in and when I do it I do it with a genuine passion. I stopped listening to external pressures trying to shape my life and decided what I really wanted. I can’t say I am happy every day but on the whole I have so much that makes me happy and that I am grateful for in my life. 

My drive, passion and commitment remains in place and if anything I am more determined to be the best communicator I can be and to lead the most effective team. Time is irrelevant.

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