Getting Chartered a year on 

Just over a year I did something scary and challenging. I stepped into the unknown with a clear destination in my mind. In early June 2016 I spent a day attempting to demonstrate I have the skills and knowledge to become a Chartered Public Relations practitioner. 

Why did I do it? Who encouraged me to go for it ? What has it given me?

I decided to attempt to become a Chartered Practitioner because I want communication to be seen as a profession in the same way that people view other Chartered professions. My development and continued knowledge search are important to me. I want to continue to develop so that I can be the best I can be. The world of communication is continually developing and we have to develop as well. For years I have been doing my continuous professional development as I see it as essential so this was the next step.

I had a tremendous amount of support from people who had already been through the process. They gave me support and guidance as well as just encouraging me to keep going. They provided me with valuable advice and helped to calm my nerves. I would never have kept going and put myself into that testing day without that backup.

After a tough day I was successful and was able to say I am a Chartered PR practitioner which is something I am still really proud of. But after the initial delight what had it given me?

It may not have brought me additional money but it has been recognised as a hugely positive step. People understand what chartership is and that makes it easier to explain. Above all it has given me a new confidence in my abilities to undertake the challenging role of the Head of Communication. I have never regretted putting myself under pressure 12 months ago.

Getting Chartered is just another step in my career and development. We need more people to make the commitment to their career and its development. Bosses can start to see the benefit of employing or working with somebody that has invested in their skills and abilities. If you are a communicator and you have a passion for what you do now is the right time to take the step to becoming Chartered. 

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