Reflecting on six months work

Six months ago I was in a reflective mood at the start of 2017. It is a time when many people are outlining their New Year resolutions and looking at what they can predict for the future. The topic was a subject for tonight’s #Commschat on Twitter which focused on reviewing the first six months of the year.

I thought it may be interesting to look back at what I said on 1 January this year and see how relevant or not it is on 26 June 2017. Also, does it tell me anything that may be useful for the next six months of the year?

In the New Year post titled ‘Achievements not resolutions’ I was focused on what I wanted to do in 2017 and what did I want to reflect on at the end of the year as something completed. I was very focused on continuing to blog and develop my writing which came on the back of completing my blog a day challenge during 2016. It is still something at the forefront of my mind and I have a lot of plans I need to push forward in the next six months.

From a work perspective I wanted to do work to change the perception of public relations and communications so people can see the value of it. I have tried to do this with all the work I have undertaken outside of my day job. But I think it is during the past five weeks when I, and the team, have been put under extreme pressure that we have really shown what communication can do. The work is front and centre of dealing with a crisis and can have a huge positive impact. My recent blogs have been a reflection on the challenges for communication and how we tried to deal with things. Communication is a thread throughout organisations and businesses it goes from the operational to the strategic and should be at all levels in between.

There were a few other priorities for me in 2017 including completing the work I started as Chair of the Association of Police Communicators when I step down in December this year, and valuing and caring for the animals that share my life.

The final thought I had on 1 January was that I wanted “to look back on how I have improved the 12 months both for myself, those around me and those I don’t know around me”. I ended with the words “Let us push on and make the most of every day in the year ahead.” That is absolutely the most important thing that I have had brought home to me by many recent events. I want to leave a positive impact in what I do, show kindness and express my thanks where needed. I hope that the recent weeks have helped me to show kindness to friends and strangers, as well as to value everything I have in my life.

At the end of June I will take a deep breath and push on to try and do more to ensure I can reflect on what has been achieved in 2017.

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