Time to say thank you

This has been a tough year and a tough few months. We have witnessed horrific scenes and seen pain and suffering. My heart goes out to all the families and people who have been affected by the incidents.

We have also seen the very best of people coming together to help and support their fellow man. Communities have come together and it has shown how strong we can be when we stand together. It has also reminded all of us about the tough work the emergency services do on a daily basis.

I am privileged to work with some amazing people who will put themselves in harms way and run into danger to help others. It is something I see every day in less high profile incidents and I have got used to it. But the horrific recent events have reminded me, as it has many other people, that we need to thank our emergency services for the work they do and are prepared to do.

You will always hear the police, firefighters and paramedics say ‘I was just doing my job’ and to a extent that is true. It is a job they have chosen and been trained to do but it is not something everyone could do and that should be recognised.

It is why I am fully supportive of there being a 999 appreciation day. We already have armed forces day which is June 24 this  year to say thank you to those who put themselves at risk to protect others. So why not a day when we can recognise the work of the emergency services.

I am sure that there are many people who would like the chance to say thank you for being there. Even if we have not had to call for help there is a reassurance that people are waiting to help in our hour of need.

We need to make 999 appreciation day a reality. I would be happy to volunteer my services to make it a reality. Anyone else want to get involved?

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