With a little help

I have been watching the response to Prince Harry and William discussing the need to seek help after their mother’s death. It is refreshing to see such high profile people talk about the issue of mental health and well being but it should not be so unusual.

Modern life is hard and challenging. It is fast, furious and has lots of pressure. Life has always been hard but we kept a stiff upper lip and didn’t talk about things we put them in the cupboard. We have seen progression but people often hold back so they show no weakness.

We still see the mention of seeing someone for help or support as a sign people can’t cope and therefore they must be weak. Yet the strength is in being the person to admit they have sought help.

I have written many times about the critical role that my support network has in keeping me happy and healthy. From my close family through to seeing a life coach, I am not afraid to talk about the help I have been given. It has given me somewhere to turn on those bad days and tips and techniques to manage my response to events.

We need to get to the point where talking about mental health, emotions and issues is seen as a positive sign of strength. It should not be so unusual that it leads to newspaper headlines. 

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