In clear sight

It is Easter after all so I hope nobody minds this blog being focused on someone who has taught me so much. 

Around five years ago we met but I wasn’t really part of their group of friends. I was aware of him and we exchanged pleasantries when necessary. As time went on I would occasionally be called on to help out in some way which I didn’t mind.

It is probably two years ago now that I was asked to provide regular support which I did in a friendly but functional way. My focus was on efficiency rather than anything else,

All of this was fine and had no negative impact on me but my world was turned upside down and my eyes opened almost nine months ago. The little person suddenly needed lots of help, support and love. This little person is a rabbit called Coco. Anyone who was spent any time with me in recent months will know about him.

In the past nine months he has taught me so much. He hasn’t had much and he asks for nothing but I try to give him everything.  He has reconnected me to my strong love of animals and my desire to take care of them. He has made me forget about counting the pennies as they don’t matter. It is only getting him the right care that matters.

We brought him into our home and in return he gives us an abundance of love. If he could say thank you for taking care of me I am sure he would. 

For many years that love was right under my nose and I didn’t see it. I wasn’t open to letting this little bunny into my life. I missed out. But I am not missing out anymore. Easter means many different things to many people but for me it is a time to be thankful for the love I have around me and to remember to keep my eyes open to the possibilities around me. Happy Easter.

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