What makes me happy

Tomorrow is International Day of Happiness. You may want to dismiss it as just another gimmicky celebration day following from the recent Pie Week and Toast Day. I see it slightly differently.

At a time when we are all under pressure and life has become busy with a whole new selection of challenges it can be an opportunity to take time to be thankful for what makes us smile. Building personal resilience is something I have written about a lot in this blog and it remains something that I am passionate about. It is particularly important at a time when the PR industry is looking at issues of mental health. Mental wellbeing is starting to be prioritised as in many professions.

I am sat with a cup of tea on this Sunday evening and I want to start a conversation about happiness. Happiness is very individual and each one of us will list different things. The key is to understand what it is that really makes you happy or makes your heart sing and then make sure you ensure time in your busy daily schedule to do some of those things.

Here are five things that make me happy:

1. Spending time with my animals – they give love and ask very little back in return. Whenever I see them looking well and active it makes me feel satisfied that my effort to look after them is working.

2. Singing loudly – I only do this in the car because I know I haven’t got the best voice but that doesn’t matter. When I am driving home after a hard day at work I put on one of my favourite CDs and then sing loudly all the way home.

3. Writing – it gives me a chance to feel creative. I include this blog as part of the writing that makes me happy. The chance to put my thoughts and ideas into some written material leaves me feeling satisfied and very happy.

4. Baking cakes – there is only one way to bake cakes and that is to mix in some love and happiness. I know that I need to keep away from the kitchen when I am in a bad mood. To achieve success in baking I have to be in a positive and happy frame of mind. When I am in that place I can bake and feel happy about creating something that I can share.

5. Enjoying a relaxing cup of tea – or coffee but the key to this is to share it with friends or family. It is the chance to relax and step off the treadmill of modern life. I relax and unwind.

Tomorrow will not be all smiles and happiness for me, I know that. But I will be making time to do some of the five things mentioned as I know that will bring a smile to my face regardless of what has happened.

What would you list as your top five things that make you happy? And when did you last do any of them? Happy day of happiness for tomorrow.

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2 Responses to What makes me happy

  1. adakss says:

    Very nice post! Looks like similar things make me happy! Especially the love for animals! ❤


  2. Linda O'Neil says:

    I love your skillful way of making common sense, down-to-earth things sound special, Amanda! My top five list would be: 1) Sunshine – out of my control but lifts my spirits when it comes; 2) Dancing – I’m not particularly good but I go to dance class twice a week and love it; 3) Cycling or walking in the beautiful countryside around my home – I try to do this at least a couple of times a week but, being a wuss, I wait for good weather; 4) The adoring look I get from my cat when he’s happily curled up on my lap at the end of the day; 5) Connecting with people: family, friends, colleagues or strangers – it reminds me that I may work alone in my own office but I’m connected to thousands of people in the wider world and they have amazing homes, personalities and skills.


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