Positive impressions last

It is easy to take things for granted. It is even easier to take people for granted. If you look back through your life there will have been contacts with lots and lots of people. There are a few within that who have made a really positive impact in your life. Today, after being a weekend of reflection I want to highlight a few people to thank for what they have given me.

Having confidence and a feeling of self-worth is essential. But it can be difficult to have it and even more difficult to keep it. The real confidence we gain comes from within but it can be given lots of help by the environment and people we have around us. If only all young people had positive relationships that helped them build confidence then the future would be a bright place.

When I go back to primary school there was one teacher who stood out among others. I went to a small Church of England primary school. In our year there were only nine girls which made it interesting. When very young I decided I wanted to play football and managed to make it onto the team for a couple of matches and was the only girl to do that. Believe me back in the 1970s that was unusual. But the one teacher who really gave me confidence to push for my dreams was Mrs Picon (not sure now how to spell it).

I loved to write. Some of it good and some of it needing a bit more work. Mrs Picon gave me the confidence to continue writing and to start to think about a career as a journalist. We had no journalists in our family and it was not something I knew much about. But her support was essential in setting me on the right path.

Around 20 years ago I made the move from journalism into PR. It was a huge decision that I took and at the time there was a lot to be concerned about. My first PR boss was the amazing Sue Fox, now working as head of communications at the Regenda Group. Not only was she a great boss but she also made me feel I could achieve anything I put my mind to, including stepping into the role she was doing as head of the department. Ultimately, I had to move on but the two years I spent were informative, educational and supportive.

Two years ago I met another amazing woman. (Interestingly, it seems the people who have helped me the most are all women). She had created her own business and it has grown and gone from strength to strength. Amy Lawrenson finds ways to help people with a whole range of problems and issues that they may have. She has opened my mind by showing me new ways to think about things. Her approach was to ensure I have the right tools, techniques and exercises to continue to build confidence.

Of course the final two people that I need to mention are my parents. They have made me feel I can do and achieve anything. They have always been there for me, supporting me and picking up the pieces when things don’t quite go the right way. It hasn’t always been easy. Living with me is a challenge. But they gave me the self-belief from a young age that has stayed with me throughout my life.

There are many people who leave a positive impression in my life but today I have to say a huge thank you to those mentioned. Who would you mention as being those positive and supportive people in your life? More importantly are we able to do the same and support others to ensure they make their dreams a reality?


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