Excuse me could you blow into this

There are few events that I come across at work that surprise me anymore. After 18 years working in police communication roles I have experienced quite a bit both good and bad. But earlier this week I was stunned by the actions of one job hunter hoping to secure a position within the police.

In case you have missed it the article can be found here http://www.gmp.police.uk/live/nhoodv3.nsf/WebsitePages/B9792C19B9E1BA3F802580C700407F19?OpenDocument

The interviewee had driven to the interview but was under the influence of alcohol and after some quick thinking by the interviewer they were breathalysed and charged. The case concluded at court this week.

Often we have a plan of what we think the day at work will hold. We may have a to do list, meetings planned and calls to make. It may all seem fairly straightforward and possibly mundane. The drink drive story reminds us to expect the unexpected and be prepared to adapt and change at short notice.

It is easy to slip into a routine and possibly fail to see what is right under our nose. The challenge is to keep fresh and not to become complacent every minute of every day at work.

We never know what is around the corner so we need to be ready to deal with whatever may confront us tomorrow and the next day.

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