Talking it through

In case you missed it today is Time to Talk day which aims to encourage people to be open about mental health issues. If you have read any of my blogs, particularly during the past 12 months, you will know that mental resilience and dealing with the pressure of modern life are subjects close to my heart.

It is still shocking to me that we don’t feel able to talk about subjects like depression and anxiety with our family, friends and colleagues. After all we are much more open now about a whole range of physical conditions and illnesses. It appears that mental health issues are one of the few remaining taboo subjects.

There is so much to gain by talking things through either with close friends and family, experts or our wider support network. I found this was the case when I went away last weekend for a bit of space to think things through. Being able to talk to the group of women that I met was like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. It is something we too rarely do.

Some of the problem is that we have a lot to live up to in the modern world. If we look on social media we see people having a fantastic time and wonderful life, and it can quickly make us dissatisfied. We also don’t want to show any sign of weakness and admitting to finding things difficult to deal with or cope with is often seen as that.

At the heart of things is our need to deal with those issues, feelings and emotions that are in our head. Even if we do not suffer from a diagnosed mental illness we will all face ups and downs in our daily life. At its worst it can leave us feeling down and unhappy. Finding ways to deal with our thoughts and shift our perception is tough but essential.

We need to make sure that today is just the start of a more open conversation where people feel able to raise concerns and issues, and seek help.


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